39547 San Vicente de la Barquera (Cantabria) C/ Severiano Ballesteros Sota
+34 942 710 049

The Golf Santa Marina course was one of the last courses that the Cantabrian Severiano Ballesteros designed. With this course, Cantabria has a modern and competitive golf course, located in privileged and spectacular grounds.

It is a course with a wide variety of holes, perfectly integrated into the natural terrain.

The second 9 holes, the Severiano Ballesteros course, are more complicated than the first 9.

The second part of the course is bigger and long play brings rewards, whereas in the first part, water comes into play and the holes are completely flat.

Nevertheless, it is in the first half, the Ramón Sota course, where strategy and precision are more important, with several streams and obstacles directly affecting the holes (2 through to 9).

As Seve himself said: “The most difficult part of the course are holes 4, 5 and 6, to be compared with the famouse “Amen Corner”. If you get through these holes, you’ll make it through to the end”.

This is a course designed for all levels of players. It is fun and entertaining for those with the highest handicaps and can also present a real challenge for professional players, who would really have to use all the clubs in their bag.

I have played on many courses and, I can objectively say that I don’t know of any course that has par 3 holes of the quality seen in Santa Marina. The par 5 holes, on the other hand, are not complicated, except for the 9th, where you have to choose the best way to play it. The par 4s are very complete, varied and well-balanced. (Ballesteros 2001)

I’m very satisfied with the work. It’s a natural course, where we have tried to bring into play all the peculiarities and natural elements of the land. (Ballesteros 2001)

The 18-hole Golf Course, designed by Severiano Ballesteros, offers a wide range of facilities, driving range, paddle, social club, … The Montañesa 16th-century house, a 17th-century chapel totally integrated into its natural setting, where clumps of native trees stand out among the streams which run through the grounds.

C/ Severiano Ballesteros Sota 39547 San Vicente de la Barquera (Cantabria)
Phone: +34 942 710 049